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Stibo Systems is a global leader in Master Data Management solutions. Over the last 30 years, they have helped teams in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, travel & hospitality, automotive, CPG and grocery industries manage master data on a global scale. Their STEP technology lets customers leverage their product information assets and handle the complex product-oriented workflows needed to reconcile product and cross-channel consistencies in order to meet their omni-channel needs.



As the Creative Lead at Stibo Systems, I noticed that the Sales and Marketing team’s presentations were a definite weak spot visually in our brand’s communications. There was very little cohesion to even a basic set of design principles, including imagery and mismatched icons that were grabbed from a Google search. For a number of reasons, I wasn’t able to work with every individual in the company that needed help with their decks.



A couple of years prior, I had created a family of over fifty unique iconographic illustrations for NCR’s Hospitality division to be used in presentations for their Marketing team. The impact that they had inspired me to do the same for Stibo Systems as an ongoing “pet project”. The resulting Icons & Symbols Library includes a presentation template and over 90 icons, each in four brand colors, various maps, logos, and incorporates mockups showing how the system can be used.


At least this way the employees could improve and unify their decks themselves, ensuring visual brand reinforcement, and hopefully put a stop to use of mismatched clipart of dubious origin that they found on Google. I got great feedback on this often-updated project, and it was used company-wide.


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