Frankie Fiddlesticks,

Where‘s the Hamster?


About the Brand

As an award-winning illustrator and painter, Alhaitham Jassar has always wanted to illustrate children‘s books to teach them about compassion and responsibility and the knowledge he‘s obtained from raising pets over the years. Most of the stories he writes are based on true events from his childhood.


The character of Frankie Fiddlesticks has many pets and he takes very good care of them. But one night, he forgot to close the hamster container. The poor hamster, Howard, got out and went missing. Frankie Fiddlesticks is a new and ongoing series that aims to teach kids a trick or two about pets, animals and nature in a fun and interesting way.



During one of our many conversations on painting and illustration, Alhaitham mentioned his idea for a childrens‘s book, and of course I encouraged him. When the time was right, I stepped in and helped out a bit with the typography and layout for the book.



The 34-page book is a success, and will be the first in a series about the Frankie Fiddlesticks character and his fascination with animals of all kinds.


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