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The Customer Care team at Stibo Systems prides itself on being made up of smart, young professionals that ”get the job done“ when taking care of their customers. Those customers think of them as Stibo Systems’ ”Special Forces“ unit, always available to get them out of a tough spot.



As the Creative lead at Stibo Systems, I was approached by Jeff La in Customer Care, who wanted a mark that crystalized that spirit and would be versatile enough for “presentation decks, t-shirts, marketing materials, and a tattoo”.



Starting with the Special Forces idea, I initially explored a heraldic direction that incorporated Stibo’s four diamonds and Helvetica type enclosed within a shield shape, with tool & weapon symbolism echoing military insignia and coats of arms. Fun idea, but a little too much testosterone to be very versatile. Toning it down brought some interesting ideas, but nothing that either Jeff or I loved. I put the military insignia direction on hold.


I went through some of the other iconography I’d created for Stibo Systems, and started playing with a couple of these. I found a Translation icon I had created that incorporated a fat clean speech balloon. This had relevance since Communication is essentially what the Customer Care team is bringing their customers. Jeff loved the idea. Adding the four diamonds from Stibo’s designed by Armchair Media, and it all falls into place.


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