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About the Brand

YP is a leading local marketing solutions provider in the U.S. dedicated to helping local businesses and communities grow. YP’s flagship consumer brands include the popular YP app and YP.com. YP solutions include online presence, local search, display advertising and direct marketing. YP solutions and services are backed by thousands of media consultants and customer service professionals in local markets across the U.S. with relationships spanning more than half a million advertisers.



As Art Director for the Creative Services department at YP, I was tasked with developing a visual system for an animated series of product videos. This visual style needed to work well with certain key aspects of YP’s existing visual branding, and be easily worked with by virtually any animation shop that might be hired.



After coming up with some primary illustrative elements, I developed a full set of storyboards and vector files for the first couple of videos in the series that were produced. Since then, the video series has moved into full production mode, and the creative direction has evolved a bit to accommodate YP’s evolving reach.


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